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Danse Apache, Charleston, Electroswing, Acrobatic Dance, Contortion and various forms of daring dazzle

Heart-breakers and riot-starters, the devilish cabaret-cirque duo, Les Douleurs Exquises, met in the underground dance clubs of Paris with their breathtaking signature act, the violent and acrobatic Tango Apache, in early 2013, and their daring mixture of cirque, theatre and dance has been enticing audiences in Paris ever since.


Hanna Cormick

Apollo Garcia



Clown duo

Roving, theatre & social circus.

Salade & Socks have been charming crowds from the streets of Paris to war-zones on the borders of Turkey, Iraq and Syria. Their work for the Sirkhane Social Circus Festival with Her Yerde Sanat Dernegi (Art Everywhere Association), saw them engaging with local youth populations, as well as Syrian, Afghani and Yazidi refugees, performing in various towns and refugee camps around the Turkish/Syrian border, mentoring children and teens in circus arts, and creating a large-scale multi-genre performance with clown, acrobatics, aerial, contortion, dance and juggling. 


Hanna Cormick

Apollo Garcia



The cross artform collaboration of Hanna Cormick (actress), Benjamin Forster (artist) and Charles Martin (percussionist)

Last Man to Die was founded in late 2008 during their collaboration with Canberra's Hunting Season.

Between 2009-2011 they toured Australia with their audience-interactive tech-driven art-science works and were shortlisted for an ArtsHub award for Innovation in the Arts.

The creation of works involved connecting with modern researchers on the topics of cognition, life-creation and immortality, with particular emphasis on biogerontology, transhumanism and AI.

Last Man To Die were supported by the Australia Council for the Arts, artsACT, PACT Centre for Emerging Artists, National Science Week, and the Government Department for Innovation, Industry, Science & Research.


Hanna Cormick

Benjamin Forster

Charles Martin


The Last Man to Die: installed

The Last Man to Die

Vital LMTD: Revitalised

Vital LMTD

Cognotion (with The Hunting Season)

We Come in Peace: Shoot to Kill (with The Hunting Season)

Cognition (with The Hunting Season)



Mask making and Mask performance since 2002

As an Australia Council JUMP Mentee, Cormick undertook a mentorship in Bali, Indonesia, with master mask maker and dancer Ida Bagus Anom in 2011, working with traditional Balinese wood carving methods to create both traditional and contemporary masks. She continued her mask making practice in Paris, gaining an apprenticeship with Commedia master Stefano Perocco di Meduna over 2012-2013, specialising in traditional Italian Commedia leather mask creation.

Cormick has created Masks for The Snow Queen (Wild Voices Music Theatre), Or (JUMP Mentorship Program for Young & Emerging Artists), The Last Man to Die (Last Man To Die), Vital LMTD (Last Man To Die), We Come in Peace: Shoot to Kill (Hunting Season), Cognotion (Hunting Season), In Cinders Lie (CSU Honours Project), Witch Hunters (Maenad Theatre),  Twisted Circus (CSU TV), Requiem In Sanity (Hawker College), and, under Stefano Perocco, for The Marriage of Figaro (Avignon Festival). She works primarily in wood, leather, papier mache and mixed-media.

Cormick has trained in a variety of Mask performance styles including Neutral Mask, Expressive Mask, Larval Mask, Full and Half face Comedie Humaine and Commedia dell'Arte under Paola Rizza, Jos Houben, Jason Turner, Giovanni Fusetti, Davide Giovanzana, Robin Davidson, Ashley Wain, Clarence Sophie Dany and Wendy Strehlo. She has trained in Balinese Topeng and Trance Mask under Ida Bagus Anom & Per Brahe in Ubud, Bali, as well as theatrical Trance Mask under Steve Jarrand, Patti Stiles, Simone Tani and Steve Brown.

Cormick was selected as one of two assistants to Paola Rizza in representing Ecole Jacques Lecoq at the Neutral Masque conference in 2013.



Cormick has performed in theatre since 1998, and professionally since 2002. Her theatre work spans close to one hundred productions, with performances in Australia, Europe and Asia. 

Her work has been seen in major cities, remote rural areas, theatre seasons, major festivals, fringe festivals, galleries, schools, cars, boats, gardens, old churches, abandoned spaces and everywhere in between.

She has had extended working relationships with companies such as Shadow House PITS, Gearstick Theatre, the Riverina Theatre Company and The Street Theatre, as well as co-producing and touring devised works in Europe with independent physical theatre troupes such as Breadknives Theatre.



Cormick has performed in independent features, shorts, television pilots and music videos in Australia, Europe and Asia. 

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